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The Boffer Sell Off Is Coming Sunday 27th Nov At 11.59pm



So what can I expect?

So this is the third time we've had a Sack of Crap available to purchase on Boffer! Yes, you read it correctly 'sack' and not 'bag'. Well you know we always go bigger and better for Christmas.

So I drew the short straw again and it's my job to tell you what you may or may not find in your sacks. But they still fall within that definition of TAT so be warned....

The rules of the sack of crap are as follows.

1) You expect nothing more than 20 crappy items.

2) You should not whine and complain when some people`s crap turns out to be less crappier.

3) You should take a moment to consider whether you might be better off just not buying this crap.

We make absolutely no promises about the quality or the desirability of these bags or their contents, except to promise that their quality will be low and their desirability will be non-existent. We will take your hard earned cash and send you literal crap in return.- god Dont we Love the selling power of the internet

Your sack will contain at least 20 items.

At least one of the 20 items you will receive will count as the sack so in other words one of the items you will receive will be a sack or bag of some description. If you are really unlucky you may get a pack of bin bags or a colostomy bag or perhaps even a bag of condoms and they will count as your sack!!

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