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The Boffer Sell Off Is Coming Sunday 27th Nov At 11.59pm



Now I know you all thought this was a one off wonder, and so did we. And if you didn't get your hands on your very own sack of crap last year you were probably disappointed.

The Christmas Sack of Crap is back! This will be available at our Sell Off starting at 11:59pm on Sunday 27th November. We are not going to tell you exactly which date cos we like winding you bofferers up and making you come back every evening at 11.59pm to check if the sack of crap will be there!

What is the Christmas 'Sack of Crap' ?

Well the 'Sack of Crap' started up as the 'Bag of Crap' towards the end of a very successful Selloff. Boffer too had a problem of what to do with their crap. Oli the Boffer resident genius, though I would say Geek decided that he would make a Boffer chicken from all the unsold stock!! I am happy to report the Boffer Chicken Is alive and well and live in our warehouse in a Gold Cage. Clicky

After much debate with Lauren, that's me, The Boffer 'Bag of Crap' was born. For those of you who don't know 'The Bag of Crap' is now officially recognised as a religion alongside other great religions such as Jedi. If you to would like to follow the faith click on over

So there you have it the short potted history of the Boffer 'Bag of Crap'.
What's in the Christmas 'Sack of Crap' well.....? We I'm not going to tell you because I'm mean!

Lauren x










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